Moreton Bay is a beautiful place to play in with many wonders, marine life and dive sites.

“Big Cat Reality” is licensed to operate in the Marine Park and is committed to the conservation of nature’s wonderland.

Moreton Bay Marine Park was declared in 1993 and then extended in 1997 to cover most of Moreton Bay’s tidal lands and tidal waters seawards to the limit of Queensland waters. The boundary is generally three nautical miles off the east coast of Bribie, Moreton, North Stradbroke and South Stradbroke Islands. Along the mainland and around the islands, the boundary is the line of the highest astronomical tide. Freehold land is not included unless the owner has agreed.

Marine park concept

Unlike a national park on land where all landscapes and wildlife are preserved to the greatest possible extent, a marine park allows most people to do most things while still protecting the natural environment. The Park provides for the wise use, enjoyment and appreciation of Moreton Bay’s visitors. Prime responsibility for its care and management lies with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

Zoning plan

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, with public input, has developed a zoning plan over the marine park, similar to a town plan over land. Moreton Bay Marine Park has five zones plus six designated areas. They provide a balance between human needs and the need to conserve the Bay’s special values. Each zone has objectives defining activities that are allowed, those that require permits and those that are prohibited. Designated areas have special management requirements and are as important as the zones.

Our Usage

 Big Cat Reality and her crew use Moreton Bay as a well respected playground. We scuba dive and/or snorkel around all areas of Moreton Bay.

We also run Brisbane River cruises and Moreton Bay cruises around the Marine Park for up to 220 people. These cruises are great for Corporate Training or Bonding Exercises. Contact Us here to receive an information pack about our offered activities.